Early mornings in Gauteng are starting to feel a lot like autumn and what better season to draw interior inspiration from? Autumn brings with it the most incredible colours, patterns and textures to use as a springboard for cozy interior spaces.

 A good starting point in getting your home ‘winter ready’ is to draw from nature’s palette of greens, oranges, mustards, browns, and reds to warm cool summer interior spaces. For instant warmth, add some chunky throws or rugs to a lounge or sitting room area, or add scatter cushions to soften couches and chairs and hard furniture lines. These quick design updates not only bring colour to a room but serves the dual purpose of adding interesting textures and patterns. Where possible try and support one of the many local entrepreneurs who lovingly handmake home décor items to supplement incomes affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Autumn is also a good time to re-evaluate the amount of heat that escapes your home, or the amount of cold air that slips in through the windows. Installing blinds is a sure-fire way to conserve energy in your home. And with the incredible selection of warm, rich tones and colours available, there really isn’t any reason not to switch from curtains to blinds. Keeping your blinds closed during winter’s nights stops heat from escaping through the windows thus insulating a room and reflecting heat back into the space.

Focus Blinds & Shutters’ range includes 50mm Wooden Blinds in gorgeous, rich tones such as Dark Cherry, Mahogany and Old Teak that will beautifully offset not only rich Autumn tones but bright summer’s colours as well and will make a huge difference in insulating your home.

 For a classic but equally warm window treatment consider the versatility and stylishness of the Focus Blinds & Shutters range of roller blinds. Our Ambient Ombre range includes a beautiful, rich brown fabric that will fit in with any interior regardless of the colour scheme while the Zebra metallic bronzed and Zebra gold or sand, will add a touch of luxury to your space.

 There is no doubt that Autumn is a glorious time of the year and the cooler days provide the ideal time for slowing down and taking the time to appreciate nature at work. Why not take the opportunity to invite the season into your home?











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